Sapphire Level​​:  Energy Leadership or 360 Feedback Assessment

The Energy Leadership assessment and debrief can be added to any package, or can be experienced as a standalone.

The 360 Feedback assessment can be added to any package. It will enable you to increase your self awareness, and awareness of how different situations can impact how your show up;  It will help to inform you about how the choices you can make will positively impact your leadership of yourself and others. 

Silver Level - Focused Coaching Package

If you have a specific goal that you wish to work on, this is the ideal package for you.  I will partner with you to ensure you have the clarity that you need, and we will work to identify your solutions and move consciously into action towards your goal. 

  • A 30 minute session, every 1 or 2 weeks. Reasonable email support between sessions
  • A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended​​


Gold Level - Premium Coaching Package

This package to which most of my clients subscribe, will give you my full attention to deal with the challenges that you might encounter as you move towards your goals.  We will work together and you will discover unique approaches to deal with people and circumstances; to build that path which  will deliver the change in your life and career that you are seeking.

  • A 1 hour session each month, or as needed. Reasonable email or phone support between sessions
  • A minimum of 8 sessions is recommended​​​

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