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Nigel F Jones, PhD, CPC, ACC
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​​Professional Coaching Services

Nigel's thoughtful questions really caused me to critically think about rewarding and frustrating aspects of my job at the time. The identification of these areas made me think about what aspects I could focus on in my job search. Nigel's approach to coaching is relaxed which made me feel comfortable in talking to him about my career challenges. Because of this approach, I got more out of the experience. Nigel takes his coaching seriously and genuinely cares about his coachees. He gave me the time I needed and met with me in person - Finance Director

​He helped me to develop strategies around 'not having to be perfect' and how to manage myself.  Nigel helped me to determine that sometimes situations aren't worth pursuing because they use up too much energy or generate negative energy.  I now feel that I can make choices in a positive, impactful way, feeling committed and good about them. - Director, Regulatory Affairs - Pharma

Nigel made it easy to quickly build an effective relationship which made our sessions all the more productive. He helped me to gain insights on key issues I was facing in my role and provided tools to help overcome roadblocks and focus on desired outcomes.  The coaching process helped me to sort through several key issues on a high-profile systems project, and to get to my desired outcomes. - VP IT Systems

​The feedback report was sensitive, thoughtful and encouraging, while it also presented the 'difficult' areas for focus. Nigel asked thought provoking questions that allowed me to learn through the thinking process, and he encouraged me to look back at the feedback to further distill those learnings and to solidify the gained self confidence - Paediatric Oncologist - Pharma

​​HH Coaching Solutions

​Nigel worked with me to dissect the 'stories' I had been creating in my mind...which lent itself to fear and lack of confidence. It really made me self reflect and think about WHY I built those stories in my mind. This was tremendously helpful in keeping a sense of control within me, while there was chaos around me.  I also feel more confident and specific in my next role that I am seeking, now that I have sorted out  my 5 year plan. - Clinical Development Leader - Pharma

​​​​HH Coaching Solutions